Knit baby blanket: Here you will find inspiration and instructions

Knit baby blanket yourself, Image: zVg / Christophorus Verlag, Rheinfelden

Forest Friends Dolls Keychain Knitting Pattern #knittingpatterns #knittingforkids #knittingdoll

Eggnog cake – The best recipe. This egg liqueur cake is a small work of art in itself. Eggs liqueur cream and a delicious egg liqueur icing pile up on hazelnut sponge cake with chocolate. The icing on the cake is the icing on the cake. # cake # baking # egg liqueur

Simple recipe for zucchini buffers – vegan & gluten-free (without egg & without flour)! You only need a handful of simple ingredients! #vegan #veganerezepte #veganes lunch

Knit headband with twist – Free knitting instructions #snaply #snaplymagazin #stricken #strickanleitung

Free sewing pattern for a horse beanbag Sew a piesbag #snaply #snaplymagazin # sewing # sewing pattern

Crispy Potato Thaler Recipe | DELICIOUS

Freebook – Sew baby nest yourself with instructions. Sew your own baby nest for your newborn with these ingenious instructions. Baby nests are becoming increasingly popular (especially in Sweden) because they are so cozy and very practical. It is at the top of the wish list, especially for young parents. The baby nest is machine washable at 30 degrees, but should only be spun at 600 turns. #sew

#Belt #Derweesh #DIY #Macrame #Paracord #Tutorial Macrame Derweesh


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